Memorizing scripture is a MUST to be able to reflect Christ in your life. Scripture memorization will help you give Glory to God in every minute of every day. Scripture will lift you up when down and allow you to effectively witness to those in need.

The Faith clock is a cool way that God put on my heart to bring His precious word into your life in every hour of the day.

I was always terrible at memorizing scripture until I learned the first letter technique. The first letter technique is where you first read the verse then you read the verse where only the first letter of each word is displayed. Then you repeat. This technique worked so well for me that I created the below videos where I have already done all the work you just have to watch and learn. Try it out today by learning the Faith Clock verses in the videos below and you will see for yourself how well it works!

Memorize Romans 1:16

Memorize Titus 2:11

Memorize John 3:16

Memorize 4:13

Memorize Galatians 5:22

Memorize Luke 6:31 (Golden Rule)

Memorize Matthew 7:24

Memorize Romans 8:28

Memorize Matthew 9:13

Memorize Romans 10:17

Memorize Hebrews 11:1

Memorize Romans 12:21