Biblical Online Escape Game

Are you ready to learn more about Jesus in a very fun way? The below games will challenge your biblical knowledge as well as your puzzle solving skills as you look to solve clues to complete each challenge! Get your ESV bibles and enter into the escape room below, if you dare!!

Watch this video for commonly asked questions regarding the Christian Escape Games then choose your challenge.

If you are new to bible based escape rooms this is where you want to start! Journey through one of the most popular stories of the bible - David vs Goliath! Find clues to complete this 3 scene escape room challenge! The first video will have a demo on how to pass the first room.

Enter the world of Old testament prophecies and solve clues to determine who the Messiah is

This biblical escape game will rouse your inner Sherlock Holmes to complete a 5 room challenge. Along the way I will show you a quick and easy way to share the Gospel in 5 simple steps! This game is much harder than the other two.

Love Offering?

If you enjoyed these games and would like to make a love offering then I ask that you do so in the form of a YouTube "thanks". Simply go to this video on YouTube and choose the option for "thanks" and give what God places on your heart.

100% of the gift will go back into the Ministry to share God's word with the world! Thank you in advance!